YAGGA YAGGA Cultural Tour (Tag-along)

Join us on a Cultural tour of Ngarti country where Yagga Yagga is located
on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia. 

Our guide is Mark Moora, an Aboriginal elder and bushman who was born in the desert before first contact with white-fellas.


             This tour is a long-standing dream of Mark's as he wants to share a glimpse into the world's oldest living culture and

his beautiful traditional homelands with visitors.


Mark will personally take us on a journey through the ancient landscapes, giving us 

exclusive access to the country around Yagga Yagga, which translates as 'Quiet quiet'.


We make camp under the stars, by the fire, as we listen to Mark's storytelling.

This is an enriching cultural experience like no other in one of Australia's most remote communities. 

















Mark Moora - Aboriginal elder and Bushman

In Mark's own words,
"It is a quiet place, where we come to be still, listen and get away from all the noise". 







We depart Halls Creek (about 7:30 am) and head off along the Tanami Track 
on approximately 150 kilometres of dirt road to the Wolfe Creek crater site.
It is claimed to be the world's second most obvious
 meteorite crater
in the Wolfe Creek National Park, it is a sight to behold! 

We spend the morning exploring the crater and enjoy morning tea before we make tracks for Balgo Community. 
We arrive in Balgo early afternoon.  There are opportunities for visiting the
famous Warlayirti Art Gallery for high-quality artworks and a chat with locals. 
At the Wirrimanu Store, we stock up any food supplies and fuel the vehicles before w
e head out to our camp.
We'll be staying at a Dreamtime story site where we will be joined
by Mark's family for a shared dinner around the campfire and stories under the night sky. 


DAYS 2 - 4

The next three days we are guided by Mark deep into the desert country. 

We visit a variety of sites, hear the stories and where possible
we will collect wood for tool making and collecting bush tucker. 

There are plenty of photo opportunities and time for questions with our guide.

We may encounter herds of camels, which are found in large numbers in these parts of the desert.
Enjoy them from a distance but please do not approach as these are wild animals in their natural habitat.

This ancient wilderness is a wonderful place to sit still and reflect on how the simple pleasures in life
are often so over-looked in our busy lifestyles in towns and cities.

We camp another night under the stars at a location of Mark’s choosing.  



Mid-morning, we make our way back to Balgo Community, where we say farewell to our guide.
We make plans for the return trip to Halls Creek and Kununurra and fuel our vehicles if need be. 
Any shopping or artwork may be purchased in Balgo before our departure.

We depart around lunch time for the Tanami Road and for Halls Creek.

Mid-afternoon we arrive in Halls Creek and say our goodbyes.
Our tour ends here. 
You may choose to follow your guide back to Kununurra
or visit the Halls Creek Visitor’s Centre for other destinations.


This is a Cultural tour and as such, participants take part
knowing that we travel to the remote Aboriginal Community of Balgo, a ‘dry’ Community

(alcohol is not permitted).

Please be respectful of the laws of the land and be Culturally appropriate at all times.
Follow this link: http://www.education.vic.gov.au/school/teachers/profdev/Pages/indigenousculture.aspx

 - For any questions please ask for our advice -


TOUR PRICE  $2200 per person

*Places are limited on this tour*


As Requested


Kununurra, Western Australia

Ben 0400 754 481

EMAIL: kimberley4x4tours@gmail.com

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