G'day! (good day/hello)

As a young boy I remember watching Australian bushman Malcolm Douglas on the TV, he was fishing in The Kimberley and I was hooked!  
I knew that someday I would visit that vast, rugged wilderness. 


Fast forward 20 something years, I now call Kununurra, in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia, my home.

I love everything about life in The Kimberley.
It is as breathtaking as it is beautiful; a wild and untamed landscape.
A place full of adventure, authentic traditions and a laid-back lifestyle.


Indigenous Australian culture is alive and well in Kununurra,
as it is right across The Kimberley.
I have worked closely with local Indigenous children as a Youth Worker,
and as a Teacher's Assistant at the local High School.
Both challenging and rewarding this work has given me insight, respect for and understanding of Indigenous Australian culture.
Providing the opportunity for visitors to delve deeper into The Kimberley
for an enriching experience of the ancient landscape and culture
has inspired me to continue my journey in Tourism.


KIMBERLEY 4X4 TOURS is a dream come true!
The dream of sharing the culture, adventure and lifestyle that we locals
take for granted in The Kimberley.
It is my hope that those who are willing to travel the extra mile (literally!)
will get to experience the furthest reaches of the breathtaking Kimberley with me.

I look forward to sharing my backyard with you.


See you on tour!

Ben "Smithy" Smith